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          Drug name

          back Drug name:Cefuroxime sodium for injection Product name:Cefuroxime sodium for injection Approval number:0.75g state medical permitment H20065496 ;1.5g state medical permitment H20093778 Specifications:0.75g×10 vase; 1.5g×10 vase Details:


          The product is indicated for the treatment ofthe infections caused by the bacteria sensitive to the cefuroxime as follows:

          1.respiratory infection:The infection caused bythe Streptococcus pneumoniae, Haemophilus influenzae(containing theAmpicillin penicillin resistant bacteria),Klebsiella,Staphylococcusaureus(Penicillinase enzyme producing bacteria and theNon-penicillin enzyme production strains), Mlicrococcusscarlatinae, and colibacillus,such as otitis media,nasosinusitis,amygdalitis,pharyngitisand acute or chronic bronchitis,Bronchiectasis  infection,bacterial pneumonia, pulmonaryabscess and the postoperative pulmonary infection.

          2.urinary tract infection:The Urinary tractinfection caused by the colibacillus and the colibacillus such as the nephropyelitis,cystitisand the Asymptomatic bacteriuria.

          3.Skin and Soft tissue infection:Theinfection caused by the Staphylococcus aureus((Penicillinase enzymeproducing bacteria and the Non-penicillin enzymeproduction strains),Mlicrococcus scarlatinae,colibacillus,Klebsiella, bacillus speciesbacteria such as the cellulites,erysipelas,peritonitis and wound infection.

          4.septicaemia:The disease caused by theStaphylococcus aureus(Penicillinase enzyme producing bacteria and theNon-penicillin enzyme production strains),Streptococcuspneumoniae,colibacillus,Haemophilus influenzae(containingAmpicillin penicillin resistant bacteria) andKlebsiella bacteria.

          5.cephalomeningitis:The disease caused byStreptococcus pneumoniae,Haemophilus influenzae(containing Ampicillin penicillin resistantbacteria), Diplococcus intracellularis and Staphylococcusaureus((Penicillinase enzyme producing bacteria and theNon-penicillin enzyme production strains).

          6.Gonorrhea:The Simple gonorrhea(Non-complications) and the gonorrhea with complications caused by theDiplococcus gonorrhoeae(Penicillinase enzyme producing bacteria andthe Non-penicillin enzyme production strains).It does not apply tothe patients especially in penicillin therapy .

          7.Bone and joint infections:The infectioncaused by the Staphylococcus aureus(Penicillinase enzymeproducing bacteria and the Non-penicillin enzymeproduction strains).

          The product is indicated for the treatment toprevent the growth of the Sensitive pathogens and decrease the infectionscaused by the Contamination during or before the Operation,such as theinfection prevention during Abdominal pelvic andOrthopedic surgical intervention,the surgery ofheart, lungs,esophagus and vascular and Total joint replacement operation.