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          Drug name

          back Drug name:Azithromycin for Suspension Product name:Azithromycin for Suspension Approval number:state medical H20083473 Specifications:0.1g(6 bag ,10 bag) Details:


          The product is indicated for the treatment of:

          1.acute pharyngitis and acutetonsillitis caused by Mlicrococcus scarlatinae

          2.nasosinusitis,otitis media, acutebronchitis and acute exacerbation of chronic bronchitis causedby sensitive bacteria

          3.pneumonia causedby Streptococcus pneumoniae,Haemophilus influenzaeand mycoplasma pneumonia

          4.urethritis and cervicitis causedby  Bedsonia trachomatis and Non -multidrugresistant Neisseria gonorrhoeae

          5.skin soft-tissue infection causedby sensitive bacteria